Hello and welcome to my website. I'm the owner and lead coach/therapist here at Jamie Beaumont Coaching & Therapy Services. I've been fascinated with human behaviour and more specifically helping people change aspects of their own behaviour for over 25 years. During this time I've trained in and been certified in many styles of therapy and different coaching methods, all in an attempt to develop a specific set of skills and tools that can help people make the changes they want, in any areas of their lives.


How I work

I do the majority of my client sessions via video call or over the telephone, this makes me more accessible than a traditional face to face therapist and means that we can arrange to talk at the right time without you having to take time off work to visit an office or clinic.

My main area of focus is helping people to identify and overcome limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour.

All unwanted behaviours, such as addictions and compulsions, fears and phobias and issues such as a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem have at their core a pattern of thinking that leads to the behaviour being the only choice available.

Using the many tools, techniques and strategies I have learned from the best change work and talking therapies in existence today and the experience gained from working with clients, puts me in the position where I can help people identify these limiting patterns of thinking and help them design alternative ways of thinking and feeling which allows the problem they are facing to change and ultimately be overcome.

I always offer a complimentary 15 minute strategy call, to discuss if my services are the right thing for someone before we agree on any further action.


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